Jah I Ras – Back To Afreeka

“The city of Shashamane in Ethiopia is certainly the holiest place for all of Rasta, because it was the city that Haile Selassie I destined for our Repatriation on African soil,

since 1955 the Rastas of the whole world are working for one day to reach that goal, in that centralization, for me and Brazil in particular came in 2018, when I had the blessing to present and represent Brazil at the First Intra-African Rastafafari Global Conference, only JAH knows the feeling of knowing the original houses and schools with Rastafari foundations there founded in the tribal heart of Africa, also inspiring to be welcomed by the elders as a Rastafari son born in Brazil, born in Latin America, born on the other side of Africa.

On the occasion we also had the opportunity to record the images of “Back To Afreeka”, which was mainly recorded in Shashamane at the “Roots Reggae Concert” festival in the participation of the band “Imperial Majestic” and in the Lion’s Square in Judah in Addis Ababa, André Pupo, Caue Ito, Ivo Felipe, Raoni Santos and Guilherme Pulice, the team that carried out this work together with my friends Paulinho Rasta and Guilherme, in this conviction we continue working together for the future. documentary that we also recorded in Ethiopia that is due to come out this year by the producer ARICA, this was the great experience I had of “Back to Africa” almost a month next to the film director, great Brazilian shaman and Padrinho Enio Staub, I only have the thank the great spirit for this blessing and this dream fulfilled “- clarifies the vocalist Ras Kadhu.

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