Tarana Revisited: Yaman

Peppy, upbeat ……….and classically Indian!

Traditional Hindustani Tarana combines with Carnatic musical flavours and synthesized modern sounds. This innovative classical performance of Hindustani Tarana in raga Yaman set to Ektaal, makes a feisty start with Carnatic Konnakol or vocal percussion. The singers then begin the Tarana, moving on to improvisations with fast Nom Thom Alaaps, Swaras and Aakars, before introducing the Antara. Mixed into the Antara is a surprise Sawaal Jawaab between the vocalist’s bols and the percussionists’ beats. The song climaxes with a Carnatic Korvai, or rhythm patterns, as the finale.

Kartik Raman was seven years old when he learnt this Tarana from his mother Meena Raman, who composed it. Kartik teamed up with vocalist Alapana Bagirath , percussionists Vignesh Srinivasan (Mridangam) and Anirudh Sharma (Tabla) to create this piece. Together they present the Tarana as a modern music production, while retaining all of its traditional elements.