Shri Ramayana Express ft Zbiggs (Bujji) Chertlur

Ministry of Railways, India had started a special train called Shri Ramayana Express from November 14, 2018. It covers four important destinations associated with Ramayanam in 16-days.

Arun Vemuri, penned this tribute to the unique cultural and spiritual initiative, by entwining various components of the train journey – tickets, station, driver, destination, compartment, fellow travellers, chitchat, food etc. with the experience of a devotee/seeker immersed in Ramayana – From birth of Rama to the war in Lanka, all the important places Rama visited, his greatness, the miracles he performed etc.

This tribute in Telugu, is rendered soulfully by Zbiggs (Bujji) Chertlur, the singing sensation from Polish who captured imagination of millions of film fans with his endearing style of singing popular movie songs of Telugu, Hindi, Tamil movies. He also helped his father Sharath Chertlur in composing the simple and soulful tune. Instrumentals by IndianRaga Fellows Ashwin Seshadri and Anirudh Sharma.