Will violence kill Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement? | Conflict Zone

Democracy activist and HK student leader Joey Siu still believes the movement, born on the streets of the Chinese Special Administrative Region this summer, needs to continue with demonstrations.

“It is the government that forces us to take on the streets and to break the laws,” Siu told DW.
Clashes between demonstrators and police have turned increasingly violent.

In recent days, politicians such as the pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho and others have been attacked.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists, including Siu, so far have been unwilling to condemn the violence.

“One of the principals among the protesters is about no splitting and no condemning any of our protesters, even though the level of violence they use seems to be … escalating,” she said.

DW’s Tim Sebastian asked if Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement was becoming as rigid and inflexible as Beijing?

“I believe the discussion about the future of Hong Kong or how the movement would go is … mushrooming, especially in the recent days when we see that there has been an escalation of violence while we’re not achieving anything … Peaceful means will be the only way out for us to resolve the current situation in Hong Kong,” Siu said.

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