Depopulatie… of niet?

In 1720 hadden we een wereldplaag, in 1820 was er cholera en in 1920 de Spaanse griep. En nu in 2020 hebben we de Chinese corona virus… Wat zeer merkwaardig is, is dat er steeds na 100 jaar zo’n virus komt en tal van doden eist… Zullen we dit population control noemen? Hebben de farmaceuten, die samen een van de grootste- en meest winstgevende industrieën wereldwijd vormen, een vinger in de pap? This makes me wonder…

WHO (World Health Organization) ofwel gewoon “Who”, ja… Wie zit hier allemaal achter? Zullen we met gevouwen handen zitten en toekijken, of zullen we wereldwijd waarlijk een eenheid vormen en het spel van de elite stoppen?

Geef vrijblijvend uw comment, uw mening… Want die telt ook… A communicating world is a step toward global unity !!!

J.E. (Johny Griffith).

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  1. First of all, the team who work on farmaceutical labs are people who love people, made and feel a commitment with the society and they did a vow when got their degree, I dont think the smartest people who sstudied for decades to get a job as a scientist and as a developer want to kill people… it requires so much respect to get the knowledge and the job at a laboratory… I think this viruses that manifest in our beautiful planet are the consequences of lack of education, when I heard about the corona virus I looked for some information about the source of this virus and founded that even Physicists were posting the origin of this new virus named “Corona virus”, and it belongs to bats, is it new for you that the chinese eat a lot of meat from animals without knowing their nature???, I mean, these meats own the kind of bacterias or viruses that harm human beings since some people eat them without previous approbation from medical doctors and biologists… Please stop that magical thought about tricks to kill people just because of over population, people kill themselves because of their lack of knowledge. Period.


    • now first off all i like to thank you for taking your time to comment, and i want to make very clear that i have accused no one…. I am merely asking a question to the people visiting this beautiful website….now to come to business…. i know a lot of people who vowed and still lied!!! the country where i’m from corruption is a thing of everyday…. true out human history the corruption of pharmaceutical industries is a proven fact. now we can all continue to argue but facts are facts and that is period!!!


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