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US death toll exceeds 3,000 +++ Spain’s nursing homes under threat | Coronavirus Update

In the United States the death toll from COVID-19 now exceeds three-thousand. More than a third of those victims are from New York state, whose governor has issued an urgent appeal for medical volunteers . Andrew Cuomo called the number of deaths “staggering”. So far, around 80,000 former medical professionals have answered Cuomo’s call. Meanwhile, a US Navy hospital ship has arrived to help relieve pressure on the city’s hospitals.

Roof of the world Ep.7: Cattle hide raft – Tibetan handmade fishing tool

Junba is a small but special Tibetan village. Natives in the village make their living by fishing while catching and eating fish is a taboo for most Tibetans. Junba residents use cattle hide raft for fishing. It is a unique boat made by cow leather. Natives put up cattle hide with willow sticks, using the leather’s strong flexibility and snap joints to shape up a boat. After the raft is built, locals will hold a featured celebration.