Coronavirus inspires Hong Kong activists to get creative

The Chinese territory of Hong Kong has so far recorded a little more than 40 cases of the coronavirus COVID-19.

But with a population of around 8 million packed together in dense residential housing, fears are growing that the number of infections will rise.

The coronavirus has raised fears of a repeat of the SARS epidemic of 2003 when Hong Kong’s death toll was nearly the same as on the Chinese mainland.

The territory’s leader Carrie Lam has asked a nervous public to come together to fight the virus.

That call for responsibility going out not just to a nervous public, but also a divided one. For months, the city had been tearing itself apart over weekly pro-democracy protests.

But the government’s alleged inept handling of the coronavirus crisis has added another layer of distrust, to an already frayed relationship with the public. DW’s Charlotte Chelsom-Pill reports from Hong Kong.

Categorieën:Overheid en samenleving


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